A Bedside Reader: Tales of Growing Up, Living and Dying
A Bedside Reader: Tales of Growing Up, Living and Dying


This book contains a compilation of stories that provide first a warning of where we are headed as a nation then traces the authors life from growing up in poverty and climbing out of the well of dependency to achieving a place in the American Dream that includes hard work and commitment to principles of responsible citizenship. In growing up there are many events that remain in the mind forever. Read more

About Thomas J. Miranda

Thomas J. Miranda, is a native of Hawaii and has been active in the field of Polymer Chemistry and Coatings Technology for over forty years. His achievements as scientist, inventor, author and lecturer are well documented in polymer synthesis, heterogeneous catalysis, polymer stabilization, water soluble polymers, emulsion technology and radiation chemistry. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

It was 2008 and America was caught up in an election year campaign featuring an Establishment Republican slate against a newcomer...
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